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Recycling Tips

Recycling LessonRizzo Environmental Services uses Single and Dual stream Recycling Trucks to collect the recycling products left in front of each home owners site. Rizzo currently collects and Recycles 24,000,000 pounds of Recycling products a year! We have strived to dramatically increase recycling participation in each of Rizzo's Communities. The big advantage of Single/Dual Stream Recycling is the direct reduction in collection costs and an increased efficiency in the sorting process. The increased participation and efficiency reduces the dependence on landfills. Rizzo is the largest private hauler in S.E. Michigan. With over 35 years of operating experience, Rizzo has been able to fully develop it's Recycling programs beyond most programs in our area. Because Rizzo isn't a Landfill owner, unlike it's competitors, Rizzo is fully dedicated to the Recycling programs that will benefit us all during our lifetime.

Rizzo Rewards

Acceptable Materials

  • Cardboard & Paper Bags
  • Paperboard Magazines & Catalogs
  • Junk Mail
  • Phone Books
  • Newspaper
  • Office Paper
  • Steel & Tin Cans
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Kitchen Cookware
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic Jugs/Bottles
  • Household Plastic (#1 - #7)
  • Plastic Bags

Unacceptable Materials

  • Paper Milk or Juice Cartons
  • Styrofoam Containers/Packing
  • Garbage/Compost Food Waste
  • Propane Tanks
  • Paint Cans
  • Medical Waste/Syringes
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Household Cleaners
  • Chemicals (Dry or Liquid)
  • Wood Items
  • Concrete
  • Electrical Cords/Batteries
  • Garden Hose
  • Tires

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